Green Point Campground (Pacific Rim National Park)
Green Point is the only campground in Pacific Rim National park that is accessible by vehicle. It contains 94 sites, some of which even have a view of the ocean. All of the sites are less then a five minute walk from Long Beach. This is an incredibly beautiful and popular place to camp, so it is a good idea to get a reservation. The campground contains numerous walking trails and is located in massive old growth forest. There are washrooms only in the campground, no showering facilities.

Per Site: $22.75
Per Person Group: $5.90
Firewood (bundle): $6.90


Directions (From Victoria)
Take Highway 1 north
Continue past Parksville where Highway 1 turns into Highway 19
Take Highway 4 West
You will reach the west side of the island where you will see a marked junction head north to go to Tofino